You may save your old favorites and yet have room

WD Black P10 vs My Passport Ultra It's hard to make heads or tails of the USB Forum. What else do you need? Okay: They don't utilize USB 3.0 since its name, "SuperSpeed," makes it too obvious which USB is which. The version 3.0 is dead and gone, despite its designation. When comparing versions 3.0 and 3.1 gen 1, there is no difference in performance or other characteristics (5gbps). USB 3.1 Gen 2 is another option (sometimes known as USB 3.0). Definitely faster than the original, but PSYCH! Another rebranding is in order! There are now three distinct 3.1 releases: 3.2 Generation 1, 3.2 Generation 2, and 3.2 Generation 2 by 2! This is really frustrating! This disc, however, is USB 3.0. (or 3.1 gen 1, or 3.2 gen 1, or whatever you choose to call it). My four months with this hard drive have been nothing short of outstanding. As an avid player, I understand the importance of having a reliable and quick internet connection. Although this hard drive was made with video games in mind, it may also be used to store other types of data including apps, pictures, and files. Even if you only intend to use it for gaming, though, it will exceed other portable hard drives in terms of speed.
You may save your old favorites and yet have room for new games with storage capacities up to 5TB(1), which can store up to 125 games(2). |(1)In terms of data storage, one gigabyte (GB) is equal to one billion bytes, and one terabyte (TB) is equal to one trillion bytes. The maximum usable capacity shifts with the conditions of operation. Using an average of 36GB per game, we get: |(2)Game count. Games available will change based on criteria including file size, formatting, and the presence of other software. Features a SuperSpeed USB (up to 5Gbps) interface and includes a USB Type-A to Micro-B cable that is 18 inches (457mm) in length. (The length of the cable may vary.) Play and store Xbox One games, as well as archive Xbox Series X|S games, and the same goes for PlayStation 5 consoles. Compact design with a stylish metal top covering for easy access to your ever-expanding game collection on the go. The premium HDD is based on WD BLACK quality and dependability, and it comes with a 3-year limited guarantee specifically designed for gamers. Instead of the 90 MB/s I was getting with the 99 dollar model, I got 35 MB/s with the USB-c model, which is a lot slower and costs more.
It is possible to make an external drive bootable on a Mac by using a clone tool, such as Bombich Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC), and formatting the drive in Mac native format. For macOS to be bootable, it must be copied over. To pick a boot device during the boot process, you must press and hold the option key. Ideally, a 3.0 cable no more than 2–3 feet in length would be included (B-type to A-type). It's extremely rare to find an external USB HDD or HDD enclosure that doesn't have a USB cable. A USB-C cable is needed. At the computer store where I usually shop, I found one for only $10.


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