It will remotely shift your home to your away setting

Honeywell T5 vs T6 Pro I purchased a different thermostat and am now getting this one, both of which require a C wire in residences that do not have the connection to power the thermostats (built in 1997 & 2001...both gas furnaces). After a power outage, it remembers the programmed settings. However, after main power is restored, the clock will remain behind because the latest clock time is simply saved, but the clock was not functioning throughout the outage. Yes, you can operate the fan without contacting the system for heating or cooling. Furthermore, the Lyric app allows you to change the fan setting remotely. The time-based schedule features four configurable set points throughout the day.  If you utilise the geofencing schedule, it will remotely shift your home to your away setting when you leave and back to your home setting when you return home, as well as set to your sleep time at night while you are home.

Technology for Geofencing Your smartphone’s location can be used by the T5 Smart Thermostat to determine when you are away and when you return. In order to save money on energy bills while you’re away but maintain comfort when you go home, you can set your preferred comfort radius, so the thermostat won’t change from the Away Temperature until you’re within a certain distance of your house. You can always manually adjust the temperature on the thermostat or app, and to meet your schedule, you may combine auto-scheduling and programmable scheduling. Works with the majority of heat-and-cool oil furnaces. Will not function with heating-only oil furnace systems in the absence of a C-wire. Lyric T6 Pro Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat with Stages Up to 2 Heat/1 Cool Heat Pump or 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional by Honeywell, model number TH6220WF2006/U The T6 Smart Thermostat is easy, smart, connected, and adapts to your way of life.     Over time, it can learn your desired levels of comfort and heats or cools according to schedule. If your plans change, you can quickly change the temperature in your home from any of your connected devices.     You may enable geofencing with this WiFi thermostat to save energy while you’re away. The T6 will be installed, and your Resideo Pro will work with you to enable your desired settings and set up your home comfort schedule. 

Customers who used the T5 Smart Thermostat’s scheduling feature frequently saved between 8 and 16% on heating and cooling costs. The amount of money saved depends on the average annual heat and cooling costs for single-family detached homes countrywide.     Flexible scheduling for seven days or temperature control based on location, You can decide. Your thermostat is programmed for seven days. By tracking your movements using the location of your smartphone, geofencing technology makes you more comfortable.ENERGY STAR approved Gain individualised energy-saving advice, monitor your heating and cooling with monthly energy reports, and contribute to energy conservation.Works with the majority of heat-and-cool oil furnaces. Will not function with heating-only oil furnace systems in the absence of a C-wire.


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